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This works really well, but it does leave you with one problem: Because each tree node is now represented by your custom class, for instance Family Member as we saw in the previous article, you no longer have direct control over Tree View node specific functionality like selection and expansion state. Tree View_control I'm sorry for the rather large amount of code in one place.

Let’s create a Tree View that shows information about processes.

I want to have a root node, “Processes” with child nodes for each process in the system.

First, we create the two templates as resources: Using Data Templates in this manner has another subtle benefit: if the items in the collection are of different types (e.g.

objects of types A and B, where B inherits from A), we could have had two templates render objects of types A and B differently without changing anything – template polymorphism if you will.

The process object here needs to have two child objects that somehow produce “Threads” and “Modules” and these should have child objects of themselves that are the actual threads and modules objects.