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If you need the i DEN network's Push-to-Talk and want a touch screen or Android apps, the Motorola i1 delivers but with some hefty compromises ranging from a dated version of the operating system to a excruciatingly slow Internet experience when not...

A little something different to wrap up the week with, folks–today I’m introducing you to a new Motorola.

For the Nextel fans this phone seems pretty cool, I mean a PTT i DEN Android phone was one of the last things I thought would come out. No it doesn't work like i DEN it works like a regular walkie-talkie.

But I don't think i DEN and Android will be good for each other data speed wise. If you really want to have lots of 3G coverage on an Android phone you can get one on Verizon. Anyone that's on the same channel as you can hear you, even if they're overseas.

Even though i DEN is gone on the Sprint network, this phone makes a decent 2 way walkie talkie.