Updating gameshark Video cam chat vin

I couldn't find a place in the program to use a specific ROM version, so it probably either uses it's built in ROM, or will use one in the folder the program resides in. We included the V3.30 ROM in the N64 Utils folder anyway.

So, just click the upgrade button and wait while the PC updates the Gamesharks.

updating gameshark-75

You'll probably have to use the 8MB bug fixed version. All you have to do is plug the working Gameshark Pro into the N64, then mount the non-working Gameshark into the top, then fit a game on top of the upper Gameshark. Next, you need to hook up the lower, working Gameshark to the PC using a parallel cable.

The PC can be running while doing this, but don't turn the N64 on until the cable is attached.

All you have to do now is turn on the N64, wait until the Gameshark reaches the main menu, then move over to the PC. NOTE: If the upper, broken Gameshark never starts up, even with the working Gameshark, it might be dirty or damaged further than just corrupted flash RAM.

Physically broken Gamesharks is a separate guide entirely.

The regular Gameshark was intended for the average player, who simply wanted to apply cheats and codes to their favorite games.