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Other students reportedly began calling him "Ray" at his request during his junior year, according to the Monitor's report.

To solicit bids from vendors for the management of the transportation benefit offered to members of the New Hampshire Health Protection (NHHP) Premium Assistance Program (PAP) and Fee-For-Service (FFS) on a statewide level.

After using the nurse's bathroom at school for a few years, he started using the boys' bathroom this past year.

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Making the transition Ben transitioned gradually: first at his mom's house, then at his dad's house and then at school.

He began seeing a pediatric endocrinologist to receive hormone blockers, which will allow him to make a permanent decision about his gender in his later teen years.

Benjamin obsesses over Disney Channel movies and You Tube stars.

And the imaginative boy has big dreams for the future: "I want to go on 'Ellen'! "Because I want her to give me a surprise."Benjamin is a joyous, slightly silly kid - losing teeth to Tootsie Rolls and bouncing from one topic of conversation to the next.

According to the Concord Monitor, Ramsey's father greeted him after he accepted the crown, taking Ramsey by the shoulders and looking him in the eye, saying, "I am so proud of you.”Nominations for Homecoming Court at Concord High School function through individual clubs and organizations.


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