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See full summary » Percy Nilegaard has gone insane and goes to a shrink called Dr J. He tells the doctor the story of how he took over another mans life, Janne Fuglesang's. See full summary » Kenny Starfighter, a dim-witted Galaxy superhero, comes to Earth to save his home planet Mylta from the evil lord Dr. To his aid are four kids, whose school is controlled by a bunch of very weird teachers. They are outsiders of the society and tries to solve every-day problems in unusual ways.

The local authority wants to close down Roy and Roger's gas station and instead build a motorway where it is positioned.

Percy Nilegård has gotten in to the commercial radio business.

The radio station rents premises of the fire station and its chief, the self willed Greger who's in charge of six well built ...

Coincidentally, he netted the opener in the Black Cats' 2–0 win at Leicester on New Year's Day 2007.


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