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Have short and pithy responses rehearsed so that they trip off your tongue easily and fluently. If it doesn’t feel right or you aren’t sure if you’re doing it right, find an alpha male in your department, and ask him to teach you.

Always give the search committee the chance to say, “Oh, how interesting, tell us more! If you do nothing else from this post, please, I beg you, do this. Outstretch your arm, grip their hand with all your fingers and thumb, look them firmly in the eye, smile in a friendly, open way, and give that hand a nice, firm shake.

Job market: one of the primary “instant reject” cover letter types is the one that spends more than one paragraph on the dissertation.

Remember from this post: search committees don’t want to know about your dissertation beyond proof that you wrote one and it’s (soon to be) finished and defended.

Job market: The “piling on” of examples is a hallmark of immature writing and an insecure identity.


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    Just as you’d go to professional lunches with colleagues to identify problem spots and share experiences, (and they may be pitifully or productive in your locale) discussion groups on social networks can provide an active forum to table real-world problems, and help you discover methods, solutions or resources you might not otherwise find.

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