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My children are old enough for me to be away for that long.

They married on August 7 1998 in a civil ceremony but the marriage ended a few months later in 1999. I must admit that she was under terrible strain, she was a large size woman and Britain was in the grips of Diana and Sarah.

Terrible to think the relationship never stood a chance.

The photographs are accompanied by captions such as ‘First duck’ and ‘No food left after Christmas. But Miss Constantine has been condemned by animal rights campaigners, who claimed the pictures call into question her abilities as a mother and branded the decision to let a child hunt ‘depressing’, ‘irresponsible’ and ‘dangerous’.

Miss Constantine – who found fame alongside Trinny Woodall as one half of television fashion advisers Trinny and Susannah – began hunting at the age of seven around the Leicestershire village of Knipton where she grew up.

But she couldn’t make up her mind, eventually chucking him in Wave 3 seater sofa.