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(Not so many depictions of black women with, say, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, or African men—‘sup with that? And while I wouldn’t say that it’s mainstream, advertisers are all over the black girl white guy pair now in commercials and print ads.What bothers me is all the statistics and negative labels that complement this steady flow of images, and the scarcity mentality that insists that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a black woman to find a suitable mate.A rare but growing demographic you will see in the U. are black women married to white men, but to me they are the most special. Yes, it all starts with going out there and dating white men, but it can lead to good solid matrimony.

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Why the heck would I, of all people, want to buy into that?

I recently checked out that movie Frustrated: Black American Men in Brazil (I know I was late to discover it, but it was insightful nonetheless.) It told the stories of dissatisfied black American men traveling to Brazil to escape “drama” with black American women and find love and/or sex.

My conclusion: If a lasting, loving relationship is what anyone wants, it will serve them well to be open to it wherever they might find it. Hell yeah—it’s one of the most enriching experiences you’ll ever have.

But, be leery of any advice that paints with a broad brush, even if it comes with a sobering statistic or a promise of love-at-first-sight. Her debut novel, Pretty Little Mess: A Jane Luck Adventure can be found here.

I’m one of those weird mind-over-matter types who believes in the idea that what you think and expect are what you get.