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And on those items for which there are longer term survey trends dating back to 1973, this march toward necessity has tended to accelerate in the past ten years.The two most ubiquitous products of the information era – home computers and cell phones – are currently situated in the middle of the pack, with the public evenly divided about their status.

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One exception, has to do with views about the television.

An identical percentage of 18-to-29 year olds now as in 1996 (53%) describe the television as a necessity.

Not so, however, for two of the more recent entertainment product innovations – flat screen, plasma or high definition televisions and i Pods.

Here, the “necessity” skew is in the direction of younger adults, even though only a relative few (8%) of 18 to 29 years olds view these goods as necessities.

Throughout human history, from the wheel to the computer, previously unimaginable inventions have created their own demand, and eventually their own need.