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AVC: Sixty-five episodes seems like a lot to do in a season. Sometimes we’d get slightly less than 50 of each—just as long as it looked good up there.

MC: I was personally involved with doing that three times. And imagine how many kids that was because you had 100 an episode. It had to be in the 40s because anywhere below 40 starts to look sparse.

He would drive some back to the studio and put them on the show; we were almost kidnapping people and putting them on the show.

Since we did two shows with one audience, we’d tape two shows in a row with the 50 single guys and 50 single girls and anybody that got to the second round we’d rotate out and bring in some fresh people to replace them, but if you got eliminated in the very first round, you had a second episode where you got another shot. A lot of them weren’t 21, so you couldn’t just ply them with alcohol. We had an enormous amount of free candy and soda and stuff so when they came they were totally jazzed up.

While both Hardwick and Mc Carthy have answered hundreds if not thousands of Singled Out questions, there’s still not much information out there about what actually went on behind the scenes of the show. Club about packages, spring break, and Singled Out’s dirty little secret. You’d have 50 single men and 50 single women and the first round was eliminating them by physical attributes.


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    [Warning: The following article contains major spoilers about Friday's episode of Hawaii Five-0. ]Hawaii Five-0's 150th episode may not have given Mc Garrett-Catherine fans the romantic reunion they had hoped for, but it It didn't take long for Steve Mc Garrett (Alex O' Loughlin) to spring back into action after his liver transplant last season on Hawaii Five-0, but the emotional effects may be more long-lasting than the physical ones after his health scare.

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