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The Masons were predominately non-German, two exceptions being Asher Cohn, a founding member, and Charles Pilla. Masons, Eudora, Kansas, Book 1,” (May 18, 1869), in possession of the I.

Read the Grand Lodge proceedings: “Our Lodge is in debt and the members are poor, and can with great difficulty and privation cancel the indebtedness; but if our Lodge could proceed to work we could soon liquidate our indebtedness.” A member roster circa 1885 shows 55 Masons and indicates the majority of brothers had moved, were suspended, or died.

Established in 1865 at Holy Family Church , the group’s first president was Teckla Seiwald.

They remodeled the building from 1955 through 1969. At a 1972 meeting, these members were given 50-year emblems: Arthur Bernitz, Clarence Filler, Delbert Fuller, George Gerstenberger, David Kerr, Henry Kurtz, Peter Neis, George Strobel, and George Trefz. Rayson, Ida White, John Dolisi, and Lillie Coates were elected officers of the newly-formed society in 1889. In 1974, Mattie Kindred and other members of the United Methodist Church decided to make a quilt for their minister who was leaving the church. formed to meet this need with chairman Glenn Wineinger assisted by John Scott. Each year the group held an iris show with prizes for best iris stalks, mixed bouquet, church basket, mix with iris, peonies, orange and yellow flowers, and breakfast nook arrangement. An 1889 newspaper adverstised that its furniture and china were sold on Main Street. Frederick Bernitz was said to have driven to Lawrence with a team and wagon and brought Lawrence officers to Eudora to organize a lodge. Charter members initiated into the first degree were J. Eastes, John Goedecker, Pleasant Hiatt, Charles Pilla, Frederick Bernitz, Casper Marfilius, and John Conger. In 2008, members from Eudora were: Kenneth Adkinson, Donald Bagby, Homer Broers, Carrol Gerstenberger, James Harris, Keith Knabe, Kenneth Lawson, Leland Lawson, William Lothholz, Clifford Neis, Jerry Neis, Paul Oelschlaeger, and Floyd Ott.

The lodge bought the Ancient Order of Untied Workers Lodge at 726 Main Street for $800 in 1938 after renting it for years. Richards); select reading (Rosa Abels); declamation (Mary Zeisenis); charade (Charles Rayson); and declaimation (Minnie Mc Crea)Eudora Quilt Makers. The Flower Club held meetings in which members read poems, sang solos and duets, heard presentations, drank tea, and won flower bouquets for prizes. With only 12 members, the society folded in 1888, according to . 42, “Minutes of Meetings: Book 1,” (March 6, 1869 to August 10, 1872) in possession of the Eudora Area Historical Society, Doric Lodge No.

In recent years, the organization holds a Christmas-themed auction as a fundraiser for local charities. Edward Mistele said there was a bicycle club in town around the turn of the 20th century. James Mc Cabria, Adelia Zimmerman, Amelia Seiwald, Anna Sommers, Mary Neufstifter, Barbara Zillner, and Pauline Sommer. The scouts perform several community improvement projects such as canned food contributions to St.

Members wore special uniforms while bicycle riding. Disbanded by 1927, its members still met from time to time. Paul’s and veteran recognition on Memorial Day at area cemeteries.

Brown, the dentist, that was to be presented as an award. Warner Lincoln founded the club in 1952 that took its programs from the American Violet Club magazine. At one meeting, for example, at Adams’ house, 13 members went through a roll call by answering questions on planting hints. As part of the national Beta Sigma Phi organization that began in the 1930s, this 2003-launched chapter also dedicates itself to fellowship and civic service. The Eudora chapter of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Kansas established May 18, 1869 met for social activities on the Tuesday evening before the full moon each month at the I. The earliest board members of EABA that I recollect were: Eric Smith, Rick Williams, Don Bradshaw, and Rich Moreno.” Eudora American Legion. Those who have achieved scouting’s highest rank, the Eagle Scout, include: Emmet Wright (1958), Philip Everly (1958), Mike Lenahan (1958), John Scott (1959), Gary Jackson (1970), Gary Abel (1970), Alvie Guy (1970), David Slaughter (1971), Earl Strickell (1971), Glenn Jackson (1972), Billy Brynds (1973), Mike Kelly (1973), Robert Slaughter (1973), Donald Born (1975), Dwight Folks (1976), Matt Holladay (1981), Todd Kleinschmidt (1982), Russ Neis (1983), Tom Ferguson (1984), Bob Lemmons (1985), Jeff Vigneron (1987), Scott Kleinschmidt (1987), Lee Scott (1987), Brent Wimmer (1990), Jim Vigneron (1990), Stacy Kaufmann (1991), Jason Kahrs (1991), Brant Watson (1993), Kelly Charbonneau (1994), James Guy (1995), Kenan Staples (1996), Mathew Conner (1997), Jason Coppedge (1997), Mark F.


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