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[Laughs.] I thought I’d be a unicorn because of my technical education, and that I’d mesh it with my journalism background and become M. Debutantes with good educations don’t go into blue collar jobs.

But, I never had intentions of being a chef, and even if I did, the culinary world has changed so much since his time.

So I started looking at the reading lists for various majors to see what kind of information I’d be absorbing, and I picked cultural anthropology. I loved studying people through a food lens, looking at what certain groups eat and don’t eat, what’s taboo, etc.

Then my extracurricular time was all about reporting.

Food to pursue The Lonely Hour podcast, among other things. I hadn’t had that kind of clarity often enough before. Currently I’m wearing one from Rihanna’s collaboration with Mac; it has a frost to it, which makes me think of that whole early 90s R&B thing. When I was stressed at work, whereas some people would get a Snickers bar, I would go get a lipstick. They were not made for me, and they may not look great on me, but they’re [email protected] cool and I love them.