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celeb's ex wife Kris Jenner on Ryan Murphy's hit show.

Bravo reportedly wanted to exploit all the dirty details of David and Yolanda's divorce on her show, , but the former model refused to participate.

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"So she refuses to speak badly about him on the show." Guess this means we gotta keep hearing the other Housewives bicker over whether or not Yo actually has Lyme Disease or not.

Caitlyn Jenner, which means she's now visiting with the woman who plays her ex-wife," an onlooker told Caitlyn has some major connections to David, too.

In addition, Yolanda simply doesn't want to drag her relationship through the public mud.

"Yolanda and David discussed the importance of handling the proceedings with dignity and class soon after she filed," added the source.

Not to mention, Yolanda remains close friends with the Momager. However, the six degrees of separation doesn't end there as David was once married to Caitlyn's second wife Linda Thompson.


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