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If you have not read the story- What is your favorite hair color out of these? - Which personality would you most like to have in your servant? Only the male servants so I guess you could do this quiz as a male for your characters or you know...- You're going to become Hogwarts first year student. So this is a quiz to see, read the title, which servant you should read the ending story for, or yeah stuff like that. Is he really in love with you or is he just playing you.

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Taking the form of a multiple choice free quiz, it’s time to put your English for dating knowledge to the test against the EF English Live quiz masters.

With questions on relationships, love and dating prepare to be challenged to the limit. But when the love of your life turns the corner, will you know what to say?

Do you have all the traits that can make your partner happy?

Some are just plain good and some are like a nuisance in life. If you are also concerned about this question, then do take the quiz below.

The dating game requires enough guesswork without the added complication of a language barrier.