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Other workshop focused on treatment strategies for the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), dating violence and child therapy. D, director of the Moscow-based "OZON" - a psycho-social and medical rehabilitation center for abused children led the seminar. Tsymbal, who serves as a consultant at the center co-facilitated.

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The organizers of the roundtable invited the director of Volgograd's domestic violence Resource center and the chairman of the newly created community organization "Volgograd's Alternative." The colleagues from Volgograd shared their experience of working in a coalition, and offered to collaborate with Volozhsk.

Specifically, they offered to make it possible for victims of violence in Volozhsk to use the hotline established at the Volgograd resource center, as well as informational support for the Volozhsk colleagues.

Masha Pesikova, Volgograd [email protected] 28 through 30 the Volgograd Resource Center hosted another domestic violence seminar organized by the staff of the Domestic Violence Community Partnership.

Professionals from three districts of the Volgograd region took part in the seminar.

A training, "Foundations of Telephone Counseling and Supervision" for domestic violence help line counselors was held at the Center for Social Work and Psychotherapy (Resource Center) in Petrozavodsk.