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To enquire about a chart today, simply drop me a message or call me on 0863556077***CHRISTMAS ORDERS*** Only 5 weeks to Christmas!

To enquire about a chart today, simply drop me a message or call me on 0863556077A big thank you to everyone who has got in touch with the page over the last week, been absolutely overwhelmed.

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The formatting it's introducing can be found in the d3wiki, but in short it returns the date / time formatted as abbreviated weekday name, day of the month as a decimal number, abbreviated month name and 24 hour clock hour:minute.

It is very easy to use our free birth chart system to calculate your personal natal chart and get an explanation what this means for you.

A natal chart is comprised of four main components: planets, signs, houses, and aspects.

Most of planets, except for the Moon, will be the same no matter what time of day you were born, so for most people, the time of day and location of birth is not so important to figure out the position of the planets.

The trouble is in the interpretation of such predictions.


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