Online dating leads divorce

The research shows that couples who met online were more likely to have higher marital satisfaction and lower rates of marital breakups than relationships that began in face-to-face meetings.A slight edge Marriage breakups were reported in about 6 percent of the people who met online, compared with 7.6 percent of the people who met offline.

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An agreement with e Harmony prior to data analysis ensured the company would not affect the publication of the study.

To ensure integrity, the research team performed their study following procedures specified by JAMA, which included oversight by independent statisticians.

Relationships that start online may benefit from selectivity and the focused nature of online dating, the authors say.

The differences in marital outcomes from online and offline meetings persisted after controlling for demographic differences, but “it is possible that individuals who met their spouse online may be different in personality, motivation to form a long-term marital relationship, or some other factor,” says Cacioppo.

Couples who met online were also less likely to break up or get divorced.