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Other sites also have their versions of the attractiveness meter, like Lavalife's "party score" that measures how many people click on your picture in a virtual party.

So in the grand scheme of things, I don't think Ok Cupid is that bad, but I will definitely be writing them a message to let them know I don't appreciate being ranked by attractiveness and think the process should stop.

It's kind of fun but a little scary too, even though i'm only in it for pen-pals.

i got a couple of pretty hostile sounding comments.

But there's no discernible change in the attractiveness of the profiles OKCupid! It strikes me as nothing more than a ploy to get more people to join by playing on widespread insecurities and needs for validation: in other words, let the news of this policy get out there and loads of people will sign up just to see if they can make it into the top half.


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