Newsonlinedating net

Report unbalanced reporting on the ABC to their complaints department and CEO, Mark Scott. to be shown on Tuesday November 24th and Wednesday the 25th.

This is clearly aimed at perpetuating the distorted debate on this issue.

I am shocked by how many people have written to me saying I was ‘brave’ or ‘courageous’ to speak out on this issue. We live in a free, democratic society and none of us should be nervous about being heard on this important issue.

But nothing will change unless we all start making sure we get our message across.

I have an idea which might get this moving and hope you might find time in the next few days to get involved. Every year I grind my teeth on White Ribbon Day listening to listening to their spokespeople misrepresent this issue, fudging the statistics and totally denying any responsibility for women in family violence.