Mpd database not updating

mpd database not updating-31mpd database not updating-15

Even when I create it, it is never filled with any data. I use ario as a client, connect and tell the mpd server that it should update the database.

This means that on restart of mpd, the database is empty again (so it gets lost after closing mpd). This takes a while and after restarting ario and reconnecting, I see all the music.

When I try to update the database (via gmpc), it says that it is already updating, but actually it is not updating, because the mpd process is consuming only 0.3 %cpu.

Same problem is posted here rpi-runeaudio-0-2beta-does-not-recognized-m4a-t71The reason is ffmpeg decoder is required to play m4a and runeaudio has it disabled by default inside in /etc/- workaround: you just need to enable it and update mpd database.

Really check the path where is being saved and if you have permissions. I recommend saving all the files on your home (no permission problems).