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Mike and Annie met at a high school dance, dated through college, and then got married when Mike graduated from medical school. Will the Nixes be able to find some friends or are they just too normal for a place like Moonlight Falls?

The Wolffs are one of the oldest and proudest families in Moonlight Falls.

While he cant prove it, he believes he must be a descendant of the famous Grimm brothers, the writers of many classic fairy tales.

The only other family thats been around as long is the Van Goulds, and these two clans are bitter rivals.

Debate rages over the identity of the towns original founders, but the Wolffs will never surrender their claim.

On the outside, the Durwoods would make others jealous with their nice house, two adorable children, and a father with a great job.

However, all is not what it seems between a mother in-law who disapproves of her daughters husband and two kids who always get what they want.

The parents, Joanie and Flint, do their best to manage such a large household, but will the addition of Baby Mac Duff be one Mac Duff too many?