Meridian sedating and strengthening points lenny kravitz dating 2016

In order to receive AHNA CNE contact hours, attendees must be present for the entire presentation, complete the AHNA transcript form at registration as well an AHNA evaluation form following the presentation.

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Electro-acupuncture instruments are relatively cheap and easy to use.

Try to find tender points by pressing with a thumb or finger in a circular motion around the area indicated for each point on the charts of the meridians.

When the main organ is inflamed, most points along its meridian will be tender.

The points especially useful for diagnosing and treating the organ directly are located around the ankles and wrists. Further source-points are situated along the bladder meridian close to the spine, and also as local-points on various meridians near the target organ.

A useful method for this is to follow the outline of a meridian (see the Meridian Chart below), with one finger or with several fingers held closely together.


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