Melissa and joey dating in real life

As the series goes on, we see Mel become more protective of Joe, putting their friendship first over any other conflicting interests and going to great lengths to spare his feelings when they're about to be hurt by a third party.

She sometimes even gets a little jealous of his girlfriends.

After a failed wedding in Your the One That I Want when Mel learns that Joe has a daughter he never knew existed and tells him right before they say their vows.

Councilwoman Melanie Alison "Mel" Longo (née Burke) is one of the main characters in Melissa & Joey.

A local politician and fierce individual, she is determined to keep her future bright, regardless of her past actions.

Many episodes feature her reconciling her inner rebel teenager with her duty to set a good example. She loves junkfood almost as much as she loves a nice glass of red wine after dinner.

She isn't overly concerned with her health and exercise, though it's clear that she takes pride in her physical appearance. ) and dressing in stylish business attire and she puts a lot of effort into haircare.

Still, despite all his faults, Mel does look to him (often grudgingly) for help and advice, particularly when it comes to her relationship-of-the-week.