Marilyn manson who is he dating now

I have seen movies intended for children with sexual innuendo! You think about him, talk about him, sing his songs, set pictures of him as your wallpaper. It takes a unique type of person, a person who hasn’t found full completion to discover the beauty of his art. Like a drug, his art leaves you with a feeling you can’t find anywhere else. He gives you a world to escape into, a world created by him, his beauty, his intelligence, his…everything. WHO EVER MADE THIS KNOWS ME EXACTLY HATS OFF TO YA :)I have no desire to read through the repetitive senseless bickering within these comments, to see if this has been mentioned yet....~~"actress Marilyn Monroe and murderer Charles Manson."~~ ←as quoted from the top of this page.

Marilyn Manson, born Brian Warner, is an American music icon.

He is a heavy metal rock ‘n’ roll star who has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide.

I think you should spend more time reading the bible instead of gossiping on someone because they aren't "normal." The man is a genius, plain and simple! I think you all wish you had half the balls he does because I doubt many of you could make it as long as he has and still be going!

(My opinion.) And I agree with Ashley in AL, not everything word in a song is 100% true... okay, i love Marilyn Manson, and these Comments are really rude and bad for Marilyn Manson.

First of all no human being has the right to judge anyone, when Christ returns and wipes clean the earth, he will send ALL to be judged be it animal or man. It doesn’t take long until you’re at the point you can’t NOT think about him, can’t NOT talk about him.


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