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The interaction between Ho-Nien inside his box and the huge faces looming over him on the screen is no gimmick, but an ingenious and necessary technique to communicate this near-future world.

Appearing small and fragile in comparison to the all-knowing AI holograms, Ho-Nien seems trapped – a pet inside a cage he himself has built.

What if you could bring them back using artificial intelligence? [★★★★] (Assembly George Square Studios) takes this thought experiment and runs with it, into compelling, humorous and unexpected places.

Ho-Nien, after learning his boyfriend has died in a plane crash, orders an AI personal assistant crammed to the brim with his late partner’s voice, image, memories and personality traits. The grieving attempt to reconstruct his lover leads Ho-Nien down into a spiral of information and emotion, at the heart of which are two resounding questions: how much can we ever know the ones we love, and what is love anyway?

Kes is a gender curious teen who uses the world of online gaming and chat to escape the suffocating hegemony of prescribed gender roles.