Josh hartnett diane kruger dating

Wellstone, who represented Minnesota, died in a plane crash a fortnight ago, and the Pearl Harbor star told the congregation of the Democrat's remembrance service that support of his liberal beliefs would be a fitting tribute to his life.Hartnett, who was on his way back to Minneapolis to personally campaign for Paul Wellstone when he heard of his death, said, "I came here to support a man named Paul Wellstone. Just get out there and vote and lets make a difference." Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas author Hunter S.Scooby-Doo star Matthew Lillard will star opposite Josh Hartnett in the Lakeshore Entertainment/MGM thriller Wicker Park for director Paul Mc Guigan. Based on the 1996 Giles Mimouni-directed L' Appartement, Wicker is an intense, Hitchcockian psychological drama about a man (Hartnett) and his obsessive search for a lost love from his past that ends up uncovering the twisted machinations of an eccentric secret admirer.

Josh hartnett diane kruger dating

Lillard, repped by CAA and Mosaic Media Group, previously starred in such films as Thirteen Ghosts, Summer Catch, She's All That, SLC Punk! He next has a cameo role in Paramount Pictures' A Perfect Score.

» Hollywood multi-millionaire Josh Hartnett stunned shoppers in a second hand shop by insisting he had no money.

According to the Ain't-it-cool-news website, Jude had provisionally agreed to take the role of Superman in the eagerly-anticipated new comic book adaptation. don't listen to the agent or the money on this one.

But the site's author Harry Knowles says the chisel-jawed British actor was unhappy with the contract - not because of the financial incentives, but because makers Warners wanted him to sign for multiple roles. Don't sign a contract with Warner Brothers to play the wrong character repeatedly.

» Hunky actor Josh Hartnett loves his fans - but really wishes they knew who he was.