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Even back then, post the Slumdog phase, my inner circle treated me like they would treat any other 22-year-old girl.

At that point, you get all the adulation, gifts, bags, clothes... I don't want to be remembered as someone who got all the fame that went to her head. He is such a down-to-earth, humble guy, and that's totally inspiring.

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It’s often impossible to separate an actor’s on-screen presence from his or her off-screen personality, especially in a world where tabloids are perpetually spreading new, always questionable celebrity gossip.

In looking at the seemingly storied career of Christian Bale, known for starring in both big blockbusters and smaller indie fare, I can’t really hope to separate Bale’s performances from his public persona — or at least his persona as it relates to a few particularly alarming instances.

I think the trick is to spend less time worrying about what others say or should say about you. What helped me at that time and even now is that I choose to surround myself with real, honest people, who don't make a big deal of anything that I achieve.

Given that this is a highly glamorous industry, it is easy to fall into the insecurity trap. It didn't matter if I was getting the biggest pay cheque or not; all that matters is being a kind, generous person who is not afraid... I want to be hands on with production, so I get involved and forget how many hours I am putting into it. We have a couple of films on South Asian stories and one from India.

They keep reminding you that you are not thin enough; the criticism is constant.


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