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What you think women like isn't what they're liking. Online is harder then people think it will be when they first join-dont blame the fishies for not biting your hook, switch bait and try something new.

Keep your expectations down, and you may be pleasantly surprised..remember, if the ladies arent chasing you in real life for dates, they likely wont online either. We all know everyone is a little clueless as what to write to a stranger on a dating sight-it is all about the profile.

i see you like the saxaphone, that was 1 intrument i would have loved to learn to play, do you play yourself or just like the sound..? That being said, if she doesnt find you physically attractive, no matter what you say in the letter, it won't be enough.

i also see you like motown music, i grew up listening to it as my parents were both big fans and so love some of the old music that takes me back, who are your favourites, i really like Sam Dave and love the girl groups.. Definitely mention some common interest between her profile and yours. You're not always going to get replies and you can't take that seriously. I can't emphasize enough that you need to READ the profiles not just look at the pics.(For example... )If a woman deletes your email without even reading it, shouldn't that give you the clue that it isn't what you're writing? If she's not attracted to you, nothing you can write will change her mind.

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