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Josh and Tracey get stuck on the roof and nearly kiss before Jeremy interrupts them.

Back on the dance floor Clay wins over Walter's business, and Clay promises everyone they'll keep their jobs and receive their bonuses.

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Clay funds an exorbitant Christmas party, much to the chagrin of Head of Human Resources Mary (Kate Mc Kinnon).

Joel (Sam Richardson) takes DJ duty, but the party struggles to pick up even with Tracey inviting Chicago Bulls player Jimmy Butler as a friend.

Though Carol is initially impressed with receiving Walter's business, Walter injures himself attempting to swing off a balcony after a conversation with Clay, and is later discovered to have been fired from his firm, no longer bringing in any new money to Zenotek.

Carol decides then and there to shut down the branch and tells everyone about the job offer she gave Josh, with Tracey revealing that she was given the same offer but explicitly rejected it where Josh kept it open.

Clay ends up racing Trina's car towards an opening drawbridge, attempting to jump the gap, a feat he'd earlier mentioned to Josh.


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