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Next, select your gender, age and location, and write a short blurb about yourself.

You can also select here if you are attracted to the opposite sex, same sex or both sexes.

There is not much left to do to complete your profile.

You can also enter your height and weight, eye and hair color, and change your site preferences, age, sexual preference and location.

How to Locate Potential Matches Einkamál lets you perform full searches before even registering.

Iceland, like Finland and Denmark, is a small but effective online dating market.

Iceland is dominated by one online dating site (more on this site below).

Einkamál has a simple and clean website design that I found refreshingly uncluttered.


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    So stop trying to decide if you’re going to like it or not because it’s a good time and a great way to meet other people.

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    Seeking a lady who is honest, loyal, straightforward, and doesn't play mind games. I am full of energy and always have a smile on my face. Im very involved with my childs schooling and sports. This is a regular dating service so please do not post adult or nude images.

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    Meanwhile, women prefer a screen name that makes its owner sounds smart (“Made Up Of Star Stuff,” perhaps? Interestingly enough, the letters that make up your screen name may be even more important than the words they form.

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    Plan your date not your kiss After dating a girl for sometime on the internet when you feel that you should take your relation to new height you can go for real dating with your partner or to meet her in real.