dating a taurus - History of online dating

If a girl you found attractive and “swiped right” to does the same, you “match”. No matter what society says, its fucking weird if the only way you can meet girls is online.A man or an “alpha male” should meet women during his day-to-day life, when he goes out on the town for a night, and if he so chooses, by dating online.

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In 1941, a statistics based matchmaking service opened up in New Jersey.

Then in 1956 IBM created a computer based dating program ran by an IBM card-sorting machine similar to the one sold to Hitler for use in concentration camps.

Alas, then in 1998, Tom Hanks starred in some rom-com about romantic emails and anal.

While ‘You’ve Got Mail’ was a cinematic nightmare if you had male genitals, it propelled meeting a lover online into new heights.

Fast forward to 2014 and online dating is everywhere. While sites like Plenty of Fish, Ok Cupid, and brought online dating into the mainstream, Tinder finished the job. While many older players still despise online dating, the fact remains that using the Internet to facilitate getting your dick wet is pretty fucking easy.