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David Meanwell from Four Directions here in the UK sent me this link.

He's snowed under with work so I'm posting it.

Segretaria: "Avvocato, ma lei legge ancora Topolino?

"Io: "Beh, s." (ne avevo messo un numero in borsa, da portare a un'amica)Segretaria: "Io non lo leggo pi.

Questa un classico che credo sia sfuggita a tante persone.


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    I believe that I can train and capacitate a woman who is not sharp or intelligent. It would be like trying to beautify a gorilla, no matter how much makeup you apply on a gorilla it would still remain a gorilla.

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    Eating food provides a similar kick, and people similarly can get into patterns where they eat too much and it’s hard to stop.

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