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Try this experiment to see Past relationship wounds can still sting, but the feelings we have about those former partners should ebb over time, according to Wendy Walsh, Ph. "Some guys have physically broken up, yet haven't emotionally let go and they stay connected through conflict," she said.

"So if he's still talking about the bad things she did in the past, he's trying to remind himself that he’s not still in love with her — because he is still in love with her." It's normal to be sad about a breakup, but not after you're in another relationship.

At this point, it’s important to keep opening yourself up to new experiences and new people.

Don’t be afraid to keep putting yourself out of your comfort zone.

You aren’t letting your ex keep you from living the life you deserve, and when it comes to meeting the right person, this past relationship has made you stronger and mindful of what you want from a partner in the future.