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This return to classical "vertical silhouettes", he said, was about hiding the work that had gone into the dresses so as to give the women who wear them "the magic of the absence of effort".

Musée Christian Dior is proud to present The New Look Revolution, an exhibition dedicated to this very special chapter in the history of fashion.

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It has to be said his fantasy Spanish rural idyll was more movida than Andalusian feria, searingly silky reds, yellows, pinks and blues bursting out of moody black.

Despite the little ears of corn detailing, these were no hick chicks.

Christian Dior drew on the principal meaning of the number 8 to conceptualise one of the two lines he unveiled on 12 February 1947.

The eight represented a new beginning and a promise of infinity.

His first solo couture collection the Italian designer is the blank slate of a new start, with a series of full-length robes you could imagine on ancient Rome's most stylistically savvy Vestal Virgins.