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He has the same values, owns a motorcycle, is no couch potato.... Then ...the bottom of his profile he states that he doesn't like cats but will tolerate them if it is important to his partner. Truthfully I thank him for his honesty as I would have been very disappointed if we had gone out and that info was revealed over dinner.

I never felt the need to date even when I was young.

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Age 48 De Wrexham, United Kingdom En ligne - il y a 1 semaine Femme recherche Homme (592 de Kilomètres) Funny loyal honest hard working reliable, lots of charisma, proper home maker.

To be fair to her, she didn't burp in his face, unlike his actual date…Now she's looking for love on the E4 show, but sadly she doesn't hit it off with celeb date Jack Jones either…Marley was NOT impressed with the Youtube prankster when he checked for food in his teeth using his phone…

I have an acquaintance from a long time ago, on here, she's 53, who says, "well, I need to eat ya know." And she picks one, anyone and goes out. JMHO, but I don't want to be on a pity date, nor do I want to spend time with someone who is totally incompatible with me.

Never in the least bit interested in some of these men she's accepted dates with. I recently saw a profile that really spoke to me, and made me want to contact the man ASAP.

I have to at least think there might be a little mutual attraction before I agree to meet anyone.