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People don't realize how the smallest decisions they make every day truly have an affect on the rest of their lives. You shouldnt live with the person youre dating, she responded. Read More We met in August 2013 after a few messages on Catholic Singles.

I am so happy I made the decision to join Catholic that summer of 2010. From our first date, we were comfortable talking about everything from faith to football.

What sets this site apart from the competition is its simplicity.

Mature singles who aren’t as tech-savvy as their younger counterparts will have no trouble navigating the site’s features and using the built-in dating tools that make searching and communicating with other members easy.

Little did I know that by doing so, I would meet the man who I would spend the rest of my life with! Warmest regards, Bernadette Dear Catholic, My fiance and I owe our amazing relationship to Catholic Singles! We messaged back and forth for two weeks and then finally met up in person when I moved to Texas. This powerful true story about a 5 year old boy in India who winds up lost on the other side of his homeland and finds a new life when he's adopted by a successful white couple before engaging in an amazing search for his birth family 20 years later is one of this year's Best Picture nominees. On our second date, before going sailing, we started our day with mass together.