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The radioactivity of an artifact's content determines how long ago the specimen was separated from equilibrium with the atmosphere-plant-animal cycle.

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Berry proposes that a deep understanding of the history and functioning of the evolving universe is a necessary inspiration and guide for our own effective functioning as individuals and as a species.

This view has greatly influenced the development of deep ecology and ecophilosophy. Wells and Julian Huxley regarded the difficulties of coping with the concept of deep time as exaggerated: "The use of different scales is simply a matter of practice", they said in The Science of Life (1929).

In 1788 the sight of Hutton's Unconformity at Siccar Point convinced Playfair and Hall of this extremely slow cycle, and in that same year Hutton memorably wrote "we find no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end".

Other scientists such as Georges Cuvier put forward ideas of past ages, and geologists such as Adam Sedgwick incorporated Werner's ideas into concepts of catastrophism; Sedgwick inspired his university student Charles Darwin to exclaim "What a capital hand is Sedgewick for drawing large cheques upon the Bank of Time! In a competing theory, Charles Lyell in his Principles of Geology (1830–1833) developed Hutton's comprehension of endless deep time as a crucial scientific concept into uniformitarianism.

One stroke of a nail file on his middle finger erases human history.


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