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In the 2003 version this changes the link from its previous address on my server, to the current location of the powerpoint document (in the same folder as the excel file).

In 2007, however, even clicking update links does not change this address, and if you go to the data ribbon and edit links, it still has the old server address. Value & "'" Hi - I have a big problem with a workbook that I have not backed up (I know - lesson #1). The workbook is called EA.xlsm, and contains dozens of charts, tables and pivot tables - all of which pull their data from external files in the same folder.

The following represents the code of the old link which comes up in the edit links window as well as a code in the file which I believe can help refer to the current path of the ppt and the object we are trying to call up. Current link to our server in edit links: Power Point. File path: c:\My Documents\Data connections have been blocked.

Show.8|\\server\clients\client\case\work plan\recent file\ppt slides.ppt!! 1014 Code written to try and call up new location of file: "Power Point. If you choose to enable data connections, your computer may no longer be secure.

I have an excel workbook that contains 3 worksheets.


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