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In 1989 he dated Christina Applegate, when she was just 18 years old and he was 26.

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Koenig, best known to me for the screenshots of his tweets that always manage to infect my dash, is apparently the frontman for Vampire Weekend, and is also apparently a total sleeze!

According to my in-depth research of reading ONTD comments (thanks birthday.

For pulled back shots, a professional piano player basically stuck his hands through Smith’s arms and played the piano. They weren’t going, so he got his freakin’ hunting knife out to separate his steaks and went right into his hand. As we were riding, he got uneasy, ‘Are there rattlesnakes around here? I felt really guilty because i had been dancing with her when it happened. Then, at the end of a certain amount of time, we’d pull the money together and we’d buy something nice or do something fun. (who did the music): The ritual that I remember from the LA side was that Greg would always have a party for the first episode of the season, every year.

-In the “Birds and the Batteries” episode where Delia discovers Nina Fenney’s vibrator, Cardone was told it was a foot massager, and didn’t know what a vibrator was. She learned at the panel what it actually was and looked horrified. He was like, “Huh, my finger doesn’t work anymore’. ’ ‘Eh, it’s Utah, I suppose they have rattlesnakes here.’ A minute later, he drove over a leaf and it got into his spokes and it went [screeching noise]. Then he looked at me and said, ‘I just screamed like a little girl.’ : I just remember that he’d sweat. It was the opening of season 2 and we were doing ‘The Dream,” where if Colin was really alive or not. He was also very pale, so Greg wanted him to be tan. [On the future of their characters] : I think Hannah would’ve been a writer. So everyone could get together and and cheerlead and ‘Here we go into another season.’ That was cool.

And if that wasn't enough, he also dated Juliette Lewis, ten years his junior, when she was 16.


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    eventid=1634 NEW YORK, NY (March 29, 2014) - The Catholic Fellowship has teamed up with Weekend to bring you this special speed dating event, which will take place on Friday May 16th starting at pm on the 2nd floor at Mustang Harry's located at 352 7th Ave in Manhattan (5 minutes from Penn Station).

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    And unfortunately, even once there, most woman do not directly note physical abuse as their complaint and facts on physical abuse show that emergency room physicians fail to identify abuse in many cases.

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    I have found the Devil Incarnate reputation to work out quite well, even when I was still innocent as a saint.