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When Zack was 13 years old, his father had a nervous breakdown and subjected his son to extreme religious asceticism.

Soon, he could no longer cope with his father's fanaticism and chose to move in with his mother full-time.

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De la Rocha also became a prominent spokesman for the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal movement and picked up his father's cause in support of Zapatista rebels in Mexico.

De la Rocha's activism took him as far as the floor of the U.

"Digging for Windows" still carries de la Rocha's signature vocal style mixed with his poetic delivery on social commentaries.

The track is also reminiscent of "Wild International," a song de la Rocha and former The Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore created in 2008 through their group One Day as Lion.

With a backdrop of heavy metal riffs and Morello's clever distortion techniques, de la Rocha's hip-hop-tinged vocals singed with unparalleled intensity.