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It's the real deal, all-original and playing like a professional: a 1962 Gibson RB-250 Mastertone.

Other than the addition of a few railroad spikes, this Banjo remains untouched, and only bears light evidence of play wear on its head and frets.

I've heard folk-myths that claimed that the tone rings were made from everything from used shell casings from WWI artillery pieces to old bells from churches that had been melted and poured into rings. Someday, perhaps, some of the tone rings made today will have the same lore and mystique around them that the old PWs do.

This Gibson is formal enough you could wear it around your neck for a banquet--or at least the bowtie inlays across the fretboard.

The Jim Mills Banjo Showroom is over 1,000 square feet dedicated solely to Prewar Gibson Banjos and related memorabilia. Where else can you sit down, relax and enjoy 5 completely original, Prewar Flathead, 5-String Gibson Mastertones in one place at one time in peace and quiet and with a good cup of coffee?