Dating advice for dating a cowboy updating an existing website

I would love to learn more about horses and spend time with them, but I don’t know anybody who lives near and has horses. They’re kind and gentle and loyal and smart, and they don’t steal your favorite whiskey and run off with your best friend.

They say, “ask and ye shall receive,” so I’m asking: How can I learn about and spend time with horses, and maybe meet a nice, caring cowboy in the process? Right off the bat, I can say we have something in common: we both like horses better than most people. (Sorry, I think that last part might be what they call “over-sharing,” or “unresolved issues.”) But suffice it to say, I sure get where you’re coming from, and want to try and help you find a way to spend some time with horses and maybe a cowboy too.

It’s rough, because it requires putting yourself out there and you risk getting your heart all mauled up, but wouldn’t you rather know exactly where you stand with your cowboy rather than waiting for him to make the first move — especially if he’s the one waiting for a clearer signal from you?

People say, “find what you like and what makes you happy.” Here’s the crazy thing: I don’t seem to do so well around people, but when I get around horses, I feel really happy.

Now, of course, that sounds easy enough but we come up with all sorts of reasons why we don’t use this amazing tool more often.

If you really want to know if someone likes you, all you have to do is ask.

He'll definitely appreciate how controlling you are because it's been scientifically proven that control is the #1 preferred sign of affection.