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In 1823, a hillock at Battery Road was levelled to create Commercial Square, renamed Raffles Place in 1858.

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As the economy flourished, financial institutions were established along the River and in Commercial Square.

A new harbour was built at Tanjong Pagar in 1852 to handle the increasing traffic, but Boat Quay still handled three-quarters of all shipping business in the 1860s.

Decline and pollution Mechanisation and computerisation after WW2 gradually usurped the role of the tongkangs, light wooden boats, in the shipping industry.

Nearly a century later in September 1983, the Government opened a high-tech cargo centre in Pasir Panjang, which led to the rapid demise of Boat Quay's river trade.

Admire modern copies of Andrea Sacchi’s works depicting the life of Giovanni Battista, and frescoes of Constantine’s life painted by Camassei, Gimignani, and Maratta.