Consolidating post offices

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Now 30 percent of our revenue is from people going online, and we’re responding to customers’ current mailing practices.

It’s a different era.”In Redondo Beach, there are four post offices within six square miles, all within three miles of each other.

In response to the news that two Redondo Beach post office locations are listed for potential closure or consolidation, residents and business owners have become concerned about losing their neighborhood branches.

The Redondo Beach City Council sent a letter to Congresswoman Jane Harman asking her to “consider alternatives including revising the funding for the U. Postal Service to avoid closing important community postal facilities such as these in Redondo Beach.”The two locations in question are the North Redondo Beach station on Artesia Boulevard and the Galleria Station on Hawthorne Boulevard, both listed on the Station and Branch Optimization and Consolidation Initiative status report issued Sept. “None of the locations on the list should be construed as closing soon,” said Richard Maher, spokesman for the Postal Service.

They indicated that they are realizing about $865 million in annual savings from Phase 1.