Codebase version not updating cab

This initiates the cab download, so that tells me that the browser isn't preventing active X downloads. I then use regasm to create the necessary registry entries.After searching the registry for all values matching my CLSID, I ran across something interesting.. I then us an object tag and specify the GUID of the control that I wish to use so render the control in Internet Explorer. In addition, it registers the assembly information, as well as the type information.

codebase version not updating cab-25

Ok I'm coming here as a last resort hoping that someone knows the answer to this, no answers in the newsgroups and I have done everything I know how to do, aside from a serious hack solution that I would love to avoid. On the CODEBASE attribute I point it to the cab file and add a version like so "CODEBASE="cabfiles\" The problem: So because this is a .

I wrap this into a CAB file and use the Object tag to embed it in the page.

I hope to come up with a better work around or atleast some solid information as to if there is a solution to this problem. Problem Description===============Trying to install an assembly -- a Windows Forms User Control -- and register it as an Active X control.

Goals:-- To register it as a COM object (equivalent to what regasm does).-- To allow Internet Component Download to automatically update the control when he creates an updated .

I'm fairly new to this site and I must say that there is a vast amount of knowledge. In the install routine, I use code to register the DLL on the users machine during setup. I created a custom action for the install and uninstall phase.


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