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USD is the center of Vermillion, South Dakota, and satisfying student life is the center of USD, which means you’ll come first.The breathtaking views and unbeatable weather (you actually get four seasons here!You’ll find Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, and what you’ll find on campus is 59 percent women, 41 percent men, 100 students clubs, 19 athletic teams and more. If you venture into town, give Brunswick, Georgia’s First Friday events a try.

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Whether you go Greek, join an intramural sports team or volunteer at a local nonprofit, you won’t be disappointed with the things you do and the people you meet.

The students at Skidmore College take the creative approach to everything, and that includes dating.

With a culture just as rich as the city it’s in, this passionate school has so many things to do that it almost isn’t fair.

Monroe is the eighth largest city in the state of Louisiana, and the University of Louisiana at Monroe is the ninth largest college on our list, making it a prime place for scoping out potential dates.

From movie nights to sports matches to symphonies, you’ll love finding love on this campus.