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We won’t let it.” Clay: “I don’t believe in love.” Quinn (to Nathan and Clay): “Hey, dumb and dumber! And then one night, Julian threatened to exile her from our lives, and I would do the same to you. The two of them equal one adult.” Haley: “Quinn, come downstairs! The only question here is, how long is it going to take for you to love yourself? I will never, ever let go of you.” Taylor: “Please don’t leave.” Brooke: “Basically I got jealous. You’re 7.” Victoria: (to Haley) “Your mother was proud of you. Now, our lives are difficult, and our loss unbearable sometimes. and struggle, and you find your way back on your own terms and in your own way. your mother would want you to be vibrant and inspiring in the face of losing her. For better or worse.” Nathan: “We’re all crazy, Hales.

” Brooke: “You know, my whole life, I wanted to get my mother to be proud of me. Because if you sign with the Kings…” Quinn: “They’ve agreed to trade you and Joe Turner tonight! I love that part.” Clay: “They’ve agreed to trade you and Joe Turner… ” Brooke (to David): “Enjoy your last supper, Judas! ” Brooke: “Yeah I’m just watching a teamster paint my door a fugly shade of brown.” Julian: “Oh this must bring back a lot of memories for you.” Brooke: “You could say that…in high school this was Lucas’ bedroom.” Haley (to Jamie): “You have a lot of fun with Junk and Fergie. And you look even more beautiful than in my dreams. I never stopped loving you, not for one night, not for one moment. Nothing can ruin us, Brooke Davis.” Haley: “So, you excited for tonight? ” Quinn: “You know, if there’s a feeling of being half totally excited, and half completely ready to panic, then that’s how I feel.” Jamie: “I’m bored.” Nathan: “You can’t be bored.

But it’s only because I’m trying to step things up with Millie. I love you.” Skills (naked): “I love you, too.” Mille: “Okay. Fix it.” Miranda: “Why did Peyton start this label, anyway? ” Alex: “Just jet-laaaag.” Brooke: “Jet-lag my foot. ” Alex: “He has big hands…probably has a big thingy.” Clay: “This is the amount we’re willing to pay you.” Renee: “It’s empty.” Clay: “Yeah, it’s empty because you’re a lying bitch and we’re not paying you a dime. Even if it’s incredibly riveting watching you lift weights, I think I gonna get out. Dude, I’m getting there early.” Nathan: “You read the National Informer.” Brooke: “No. I read them only when they speak of me because ‘I’m still waiting for that story that comes out about me and Johnny Depp.” Julian: “Vicki, Brooke didn’t tell me you were coming to the show.” Victoria: “Think of me as Millie’s training wheels. ” Quinn: “Sorry buddy, Aunt Taylor likes to take things that aren’t hers.” Clay: “How’s it going J. ” Jamie: “Too many girls at our house, not enough cereal.” Miranda: “You don’t want to make a record because it’s too personal? Of all of my kids, you are the one who reminds me the most of myself.” Taylor: “I don’t believe it.” Lydia: “Well, that’s because you’ve only known Lydia the mom. And you can fight this all you want, but you are going to end up happy.” Taylor: “I’ve been so awful. ” Haley: “I remembered some of the good things in my life.” Therapist: “And did that make you feel alive? But it made me want to.” Nathan: “Jamie had fun today, the guys built him a snow fort.

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The moment Keith died, you died.” Brooke: “She must be high.” Victoria: I’m not high, I just had 3 martinis at lunch…okay, I’m a little buzzed. She expects me to pay her 500 thousand dollars to model for this company.” Victoria: “That’s not high, that’s smoking crack! I know that I’ve talked about slowing down and taking our time… It’s not fair to hide my dreams and not be around you when I need you the most. I just came here to tell you that you will never find forgiveness from me.

but I want you to know that whenever we do get pregnant, that’s gonna be a great day. Talk to me Sara.” Skills: “I’ll only be in Cali, it’s no big deal. You had everyone believing my Jimmy was a murderer.

The archetype comes in many disguises - the wallflower, the spinster, the governess, the single mom - but always with one sad claim: Love is not in her cards.

I was 19 when I was divorced, and my daughter was a year old, and I waited tables here three to four nights a week for several years while I was trying to support myself and my daughter and the day I got that acceptance at Harvard Law School was an unforgettable day.

And I’ll be more than okay with it.” Brooke: “We’re not gonna have that day.” Julian: “Baby, we will.” Brooke: “No, we won’t. We’ll still see each other.” Jamie: “Like I see Uncle Lucas?