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It would be a blessing to them to be able to add a photo of SGT David Vreeland and complete the memorial to our brave warriors. I had thought he was shot down over Dunkirk France. Comments: My father Dick Donnelly was a bombardier navigator. Porter, Bomb Group: 387, Bomb Squadron: 559 a bombardier from Montana in one of the planes that went down on the 12/23/44 "Mayen RR Bridge" mission [1] [2].I would appreciate it if you would contact me with any leads that might help me locate David and his family. If you have anymore info on the plane being shot down please let me know. Thank you, Jacqueline Hess Marauderman's Name: Richard (Dick) Donnelly 2Lt Bomb Group: 387 Bomb Squadron: 556 Years in service: ? Flew his first mission in Sept 45 and something over 25 altogether (Air Medal with Silver Cluster). I'm interested in the name of the plane, photos and I'd love to hear from anyone who knew him. was a Bombardier in the 574th Bombardment Squadron in the 391st Bombardment Group.-My father, Robert Zinkgraf, flew with the 322BG 451st SQ. Check out Lee Lipkis' page I have found in an old photo album with some of my fathers WWII information. I dont have much more information as he drown in an accident 1955, July 4th in Georgia. I would like anyone who could to please give me some information on how I might go about getting his war record so I could pass that information down to his grandchildren.

Book dating guest online site

He became a Catholic Franciscan priest and died in 2008 in Boston. Lt ES Moorhead would be so proud of all of them today.

Looking at the pages on B26and seeing what a proud strong man his father was makes me proud to call them my friends. Moorhead but have been so blessed to know his wonderful family who I am sure got that way b/c of wonderful parents.

Nothing would make Mathilde and Marcel Schmetz happier than to have David's picture to add to their museum - a tribute to the American men and women that liberated their country more than sixty seven years ago. Guerino Del Gresco, Captain Charles Deritis, T/Sgt Albert Diluzio, Lt. William Muller, T/Sgt Wilbur Junkins, Captain Frank Forest, Lt. Flying in Martin B-26 Marauder, 43-34456, November 18, 1944. He passed away in 1992 after a long career as an attorney in New Orleans. My father, Sterling Hoch, was a pilot with the 596th, and flew his 65th mission on Feb. So he was probably gone when this gentleman was assigned. Brian Donnelly Hello; especially to Jim Stevens and his father and B-26 pilot, Joe Stevens and Ralph Segura, Sr.

Here are copies of the display in The Remember Museum of our friends M&M Mathilde and Marcel Schmetz in Belgium. My Mother passed away this summer and I found a brief case full of my Dad's service records, air metal, insignias, etc. Don Hoch Thank you for the info on my uncle Peter Hess who was with the 558th Bomber Squadron. I'm interested in any information regarding Frank C.

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