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For what it's worth, I can't imagine that "window shopping" applied to us. I, however, have a pretty face (IMNSHO ) and a proportional body, but I was (and am) about 50 pounds overweight.

There were plenty of much more attractive girls, objectively speaking, on there.

I was just wondering what the environment was like on there.

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Years worth of rejection in only a few weeks, by Catholics whom you would think would be less shallow, can really hurt your confidence and self esteem.

That and I don't like how Anthony Buono has been "lobbying" to remove single groups from parishes and colleges. That tends to be true of either gender for online dating. I've heard a handful of good things for those it worked out for, but many more stories of horror.

Are you also writing the girls who are not physically "perfect" but are still very orthodox? When I hear men say they don't get replies it makes me think there is a problem with his profile, he is not realistically assessing what he has to offer, or he is targeting women "out of his league." One of my family members met his wife on Ave Maria Singles.

He actually got a lot of dates locally from there, but ended up expanding his search and got into a long distance relationship which led to marriage.

Catholic match is less expensive and has more members, but more people of questionable views (though you can screen the members of the opposite sex).