Adult phone chatting - Are robert kardashian and demi lovato dating

However, Odell recently commented on those pictures, saying while they did dance together, the two were far from dating each other.

In case you needed even another layer to the drama, Demi sided with the Kardashians in the epic Kimye v. But will Khloé even want her on Team Kardashian after this?

Back in August, Bella Thorne came out as bisexual after a Twitter user asked point-blank if she's attracted to women.

The question wasn't entirely unprovoked, as it was the result of a photo that showed Bella kissing a female friend that the actress posted on Instagram.

But the Here We Go Again singer has told Radar that the two are “just friends.” PHOTOS: Demi Lovato Chills Out In Cabo San Lucas “We’re just friends,” she admitted.